News Article Improvements

By: Geoff Cotton

News articles are widely used on campus websites. Over the summer, we gave these templates a face-lift and how they look and some new features for how we deal with article lists.

A Step Forward in Form Building

By: Geoff Cotton

We re-built the form builder from scratch and incorporated some new features and fields that should make life easier.

The tools we use to build websites

By: Joel Farthing

An overview of Cascade and Limestone, two major tools our campus uses to deliver useful content through a consistent visual language

From Alpha to Beta to Live

By: Colin Skrapek

The university has a new homepage.

The signage system for the New York City subway, as designed by Massimo Vignelli half a century ago

The importance of a map

By: Colin Skrapek

Designing a single webpage is one thing. But the real world of user experience is a complex tangle of digital and non-digital, mobile and laptop, app and website, online and in per...

From Alpha to Beta

By: Colin Skrapek

A new university homepage is coming. Before it arrives we want to let you spend some quality time with the new design.

The evolution of

By: Colin Skrapek existed from August 2nd to September 16th. It changed a lot during that period in response to user feedback. Here's a look at how it evolved.

Measuring user experience

By: Colin Skrapek

How do people feel about We're measuring user experience in real time and sharing that data for anyone to see.


By: Colin Skrapek

Learn about the public prototype being used to test design ideas for an upgraded homepage

The Kano model shows us how formerly delightful features turn into basic expectations over time. <a href="">Image via Wikipedia</a>

Would you like fries with that?

By: Rob Blizzard

How do we distinguish between features that are required, desired, and delightful?

Our first prototype was very simple: A big search box and seven links.

Testing our first prototype

By: Colin Skrapek

We worked quickly through our first design sprint and built a simple prototype to test a few assumptions with real users.

A typical web design process operates in a big loop with a lot of time spent building and launching. We want to shorten that loop and focus more on learning from users and improving. Image adapted from <a href="">this one by Google Ventures</a> in their article on design sprints.

Sprinting through design

By: Colin Skrapek

We're working in design sprints for the homepage upgrade. And after only one week we already have our first prototype.

One question, lots of answers. Some with pictures.

The purpose of the homepage is... ?

By: Colin Skrapek

Here's a weird question: What is the purpose of our homepage?

How the homepage is used

By: Robert Blizzard

What gets the most clicks on the current homepage and what does that data tell us?

Requisite sports analogy for an article about teamwork: The Huskies women's basketball team are awesome

Good design is a team effort

By: Colin Skrapek

Is it possible to design in a group without the evil perils of "design by committee"?

The terrifying idea of designing in public

By: Colin Skrapek

We’re designing the university homepage differently than we have before. Here’s a look at what we’ll be doing.

The university homepage has changed a lot since this version from 1996. But does it actually improve?

Upgrading the homepage

By: Colin Skrapek

Oh no, not again.