From Alpha to Beta

A new university homepage is coming. Before it arrives we want to let you spend some quality time with the new design.


Update! The current homepage will be replaced Monday, February 27

The university is upgrading its homepage. But we’re not just going to flip a switch and replace our current homepage with a new one you’ve never seen. Over the last little while we’ve been designing in public in a cross-campus team in an attempt to reduce the disruption that can occur as a result of redesigning anything.

We went through an “alpha” design process this summer where we tested our ideas by watching real people use our designs. And if you visited during that time or followed @usask on Twitter you might have noticed a link to where you could try out the designs and provide feedback, too.

The design changed significantly each week as we sprinted through iterations in an attempt to improve. It was fun, we learned a lot, and we ended up with a design we were ready to take to the next level.

That next level is The purpose of is to get you familiar with the new design without disrupting your normal routine. And of course we also want to keep improving the design based on your feedback. We’ll be foregoing the experimentation from the alpha sprints in favour of longer exposure and careful refinement to create something stable and familiar. will exist for a number of weeks, through the holidays and into the new year. It will eventually replace the homepage at, but not until we’re confident that the change will be positive and as non-disruptive as possible. So give a try and send in some feedback while you're there. We need your help to make it the best it can be.

We’ll once again sharing our feedback data publicly at There you will be able to monitor the user experience in real time and read the feedback yourself.

We’re also sharing as much as possible through this blog at Here are some posts to get you started if you want to learn more: