Header contents

University of Sasktachewan websites share a common header convention so our users always know they're on a USask website.

Your header contains:

  • The USask logo linking to usask.ca or a custom Logo linking to your homepage or both
  • The title of your website
  • A link to a parent site ( optional )
  • An optional search box connected to usask.ca/search
  • An optional PAWS link

Change your website title

Changing your website title in Cascade
  1. Open the header page in your _configuration folder
  2. Choose Edit 
  3. Enter your desired site name in Website title
  4. Submit your changes
  5. Publish the page

Avoid including "University of Saskatchewan", "U of S", "USask", or even "University" in your website title. These terms are redundant because the logo already signifies the University.

Add a parent site

If your site is a child of another website (e.g. a department site in a college site), add a link back to the parent site. 

  1. Open the header page in your _configuration folder
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Select Yes next to Add link to parent site
  4. Enter the title and link address of the parent site
  5. Submit your changes
  6. Publish the page

Add link to parent site is only visible when Website Logo is set to U of S Logo.

Custom header logos

This option is only for unique circumstances. Do not create a logo for your website. Replacing the USask logo should not be done without first consulting Marketing and Communications.
  1. Open the header page in your _configuration folder
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Select Custom next to Website logo
  4. Select your image using the file chooser
  5. Enter your desired site name in Website title (optional)
  6. Submit your changes
  7. Publish the page