How the Navigation Bar works

Your site's Navigation Bar is a site map. It shows a list of links and dropdown menus that directly correspond to the organization of your Pages and Folders within your site. Pages display as links and Folders display as dropdown menus. The _configuration, images and documents folders are not displayed.

Include and exclude items

Control whether a Page or Folder is included as an item in your Navigation Bar

Pages and Folders are included in the Navigation Bar by default, Articles and Profiles are not.

To control whether an existing item appears in your Navigation Bar:

  1. Select the item.
  2. Choose the Edit tab.
  3. Select Yes or No next to Include in Navigation Bar.

Reorder items

Reorder items in your Navigation Bar by controlling their "Order" number in their Folder
  1. Select the Folder whose items need reordering. If you want to reorder your top-level items, select the Base Folder.
  2. Click on the Order column heading in the table of contents.
  3. Drag and drop items until they are in your desired order. You can also reorder items using the arrows in the Actions column, but that usually takes longer.

Create custom items

Creating custom menu items for your Navigation Bar in Cascade

Create custom links, buttons, and dropdown menus that appear separated from your main site map.

  1. Open the header page in your _configuration folder.
  2. Choose the Edit tab.
  3. Expand the Navigation > Custom menu item group.
  4. Choose between Link or Dropdown menu, style as Text or an Action button, and set other options as desired.

Publish the Navigation Bar

After making any changes to your Navigation Bar, publish the header page for the changes to show up on your site:

  1. Open the header page in your _configuration folder.
  2. Choose the Publish tab.
  3. Submit.

You do not have to republish your entire site.

Hide the Navigation Bar

Hiding the Navigation Bar on a Page in Cascade

Some pages don't need a Navigation Bar because they stand on their own and/or the Navigation Bar is redundant. 

  1. Select the desired Page.
  2. Choose the Edit tab.
  3. Choose the Metadata subtab.
  4. Select No next to Show Navigation Bar on page.