Change Log

All changes, bug fixes and modifications are listed here.

Apr 4, 2018

BUG Fixed facebook sharing issue for sites that publish to a subdirectory. WCS-450

Mar 27, 2018

IMPROVEMENT Removed the protical (http:// - https://) dropdown from Webpage URL links in formbuilder2.0 to prevent ModSecruity false positives. WCS-402

Jan 23, 2018

BUG Fixed unexpected behavior using 'All' option for embedded event lists. AWSWCMS-657

Dec 18, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Added option to have all profile lists link to profile pages regardless of the about of content on the profile page. AWSWCMS-596

Dec 1, 2017

BUG Ampersand in an Event category name breaks to error in Cascade. AWSWCMS-618

Nov 14, 2017

BUG Profile list with 'Length of teaser' set to All will not display summary text. AWSWCMS-546

Nov 10, 2017

IMPROVEMENT The category toggle links on calendar pages are no longer sorted alphabetically. The order is now set in the calendar block. AWSWCMS-468

Nov 3, 2017

BUG ​All profiles have links in embedded profile lists. This is inconsistant with profile list pages that only link if there is content in the WYSIWYG editor. AWSWCMS-531

Oct 13, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Add abilitly to filter Event Lists by category. AWSWCMS-304

Sept 25, 2017

BUG An ampersand in the title of an profile list page would cause the page to not render. AWSWCMS-470

Sept 20, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Added Custom Call-To-Action buttons to profiles contact section. AWSWCMS-419

Sept 19, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Add placeholder image in article lists for articles without primary media. AWSWCMS-455
IMPROVEMENT Add ability to add Panopto videos to WCMS pages as easily as YouTube pages. AWSWCMS-407

Sept 14, 2017

BUG Article lists were not honouring "Show title on page" option. AWSWCMS-458
BUG Reduced left-margin and fixed display issue for Sitename in child-site header.

Sept 13, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Added a placeholder image for articles in lists with no image.

Sept 11, 2017

BUG   Youtube thumb was not being shown in articles lists.
BUG   Article author field was breaking some lists. Value sanitized.

Aug 31, 2017

IMPROVEMENT New Article UI, Article List Options and Embedded Article List Options Read more 

Aug 30, 2017

BUG Bug Font color on a .lead in a white or grey background jumbotron set to white
BUG Bug Font size reduced on 3-Column and 4-Column embedded article feeds.

Aug 28, 2017

IMPROVEMENT PAWS Call to action buttons now have an "open in a new window" option. AWSWCMS-430

July 25, 2017

BUG Bug in new calendars causing a JS error. JIRA-AWSWCMS-400

July 24, 2017

BUG Missing 'All' option in Limestone 1.1.2 Article feeds.

July 12, 2017

IMPROVEMENT New Form Builder ! Read more 
IMPROVEMENT New icons or PPT and ZIP files in links. JIRA-AWSWCMS-295
BUG RegEx expression fix in profile and article feeds. JIRA-AWSWCMS-370

July 10, 2017

BETA Added feature to embedded PHP feeds. Affected any embedded PHP include.
BUG Fixed broken accordions where first section appears before accordion. JIRA-AWSWCMS-262

June 29, 2017

BUG Remove the '-' from the google analytics code that is generated for sites with client created  analytics accounts. Tracks 503130
BUG Fixed broken feeds on non-SSL sites. Implemented a protocol detection. JIRA-AWSWCMS-373

June 20, 2017

BUG Fixed broken dropdowns in top right nav section when set to 'Text' instead of 'Button'. JIRA-AWSWCMS-350

June 5, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Added sorting Profiles by Job Title in a List. JIRA-AWSWCMS-268

May 31, 2017

BUG Corrected typo in profile index page. 'Specifiy'. JIRA-AWSWCMS-309

May 17, 2017

BUG If multiple address lines were defined, only the first would be displayed. This lead to a design change. Removed the Button of addresses and displayed like a business card. JIRA-AWSWCMS-238

May 4, 2017

BUG Broken Google Map embeds in a profile. A dd a protection wrapper around google embed code. JIRA-AWSWCMS-333

April 17, 2017

NEW Feature Embedded Profiles. Now embed a profile list into a regular page.

April 5, 2017

NEW Added Font Awesome font support to Limestone v.1.1.0. JIRA-AWSWCMS-252

March 13, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Allow custom logos in top header. JIRA-AWSWCMS-239

February 27, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Launched New USASK Homepage

February 9, 2017

IMPROVEMENT Updated Google Analytics tracking code. JIRA-AWSWCMS-144

February 6, 2017

BUG Added sanitization to header title. JIRA-AWSWCMS-253
BUG Broken iamge in footer. URL was improperly formed. JIRA-AWSWCMS-261

February 3, 2017

BUG Required checkboxes in a form where requiring all boxes checked instead of one. JIRA-AWSWCMS-258

Januray 9, 2017

BUG Update form format to handle metadata options show-nav and show-header. JIRA-AWSWCMS-244
BUG Replace the mechanism that formats the header and footer files with a revised regualr expression. JIRA-AWSWCMS-242