Using Content Blocks

Every Page in Cascade starts with one Content Block, but you can create as many as you need

The content of a Page lives in Content Blocks. Every Page starts with one Content Block, and you don't need to go any further; write some content in the text editor, publish, and you're done.

But using multiple Content Blocks lets you do so much more:

Breaking your content into digestible pieces is the key to making great web pages.

Add Content Blocks

Use the green Plus icon to add Content Blocks to a Page
  • Click the green Plus icon to add another Content Block

Remove Content Blocks

Use the red X icon to remove Content Blocks from a Page
  • Click the red X icon to remove a Content Block. This icon will only appear if you have two or more Content Blocks.

Reorder Content Blocks

Use the Up/Down icons to reorder Content Blocks within a Page
  • Click the Up/Down icons to reorder Content Blocks.