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Informing design through user research

As we work to upgrade the usask.ca homepage we want the real people who use that page to keep us on the right track. Feedback is collected in a couple different ways:

  • In-person testing: We find people around campus (and elsewhere) and ask them to perform their most common homepage-related task using alpha.usask.ca beta.usask.ca www.usask.ca. We observe their interactions with the page and ask them about their experience.
  • Online self-serve: People arrive at alpha.usask.ca beta.usask.ca www.usask.ca independently and choose to provide feedback about their experience.

The feedback for both scenarios is stored in the same survey. We use this feedback to inform design improvements with a goal to reduce frustration, meet basic expectations, and add delight.

The numbers here show where we're at with that goal.

The survey used to compile and store feedback data was built using fluidsurveys.usask.ca.