A Step Forward in Form Building

We re-built the form builder from scratch and incorporated some new features and fields that should make life easier.

Form Builder 2.0

This new form builder is available by request. If you would like to try it out, simply email us at web@usask.ca and request the Form Builder 2.0. Include the site you manage and we can install it for you.

New Features

HTML Field Elements NEW

There are now a host new field types you can use in your forms. Each is designed to collect certain inforamtion and each has some specific validation rules to help you collect the right information on your forms,

  • Single Line Text input
  • Paragraph text
  • Multiple choice ( Radio boxes )
  • Checkbox inputs
  • Dropdown select input
  • Number field - Only allows numbers to inputed.
  • Full name - Split first and last name fields.
  • Date field - NEW Datepicker !!
  • Time Field - Only select a time of day
  • Date / Time field - Select both Date and time.
  • Date range - Validates a start and end date.
  • Phone number - Includes area code and validates a proper phone number
  • Website URL
  • Email Address
  • Street Address - Includes address, city, province, postal code and country fields
  • Section heading
  • Matrix Grid of radio boxes for survey-style questions !!

On-the-fly Validation NEW

We've built in some data validation that happens as the user fills out the form. Fields will fade to red when there is a problem and fade to green when the user input passes.

Layout Options NEW

We've added more flexible options to let you control how your form is presented. These Layout options are:

  • 1, 2 or 3-Column Layout
    Your form will display form fields into 1,2 or 3 columns. Although we recommend keeping your forms in 1 column, this may be a good option for smaller forms.
  • Narrow Layout
    Your form will be centered in the content area and reduced to 80% width, giving your form some spacing to either sides.
  • Horizontal Field Layout
    Typically form fields are shown with the field label and the field on seperate lines, this option allowes the form to be shown where the label and field are on the same line. The label is to the left but the text is aligned right. The field itself is next to it.

Field Wrapper Options NEW

We've given managers the option to seperate fields by using:

  • A horizontal line
  • A containing box around the field - Inset Box
  • Nothing at all

Submission Options NEW

As well as being able to customize the Submit Button, manages can now choose to have the user redirected to another page or show a customize piece of text when they submit the form.

Notification Options NEW

We've added and re-organsized the notification settings to give more control over who gets notified with what information,

  • Sending Settings
    You can customize where your notifications are sent from. This defaults to no-reply@usask.ca and MUST be a @usask.ca address.
  • Form Moderator
    The Moderator is the owner of the form. When enabled they will get an email everytime the foirm is filled. The email includes a copy of the user input.
    Choose to set a form moderator, their email address, name and what the subject line will be.
  • Form Submitter
    This is the user completing the form. You can choose to send the user a confirmation email after they complete it.
    NEW - Now you can choose to include the users form responses in the confirmation email.

Under the hood

Because we've re-built the builder, we had an opportunity to incorporate many new security features that happen without any configuration. These features are designed to keep your data clean and filter out any malicious use of forms.

Some items of note are:

  • User input is put through multiple stages of filtering and sanitizing both on the client-side and the server-side.
  • We've completely re-built the Javascript that drives the form validation and sanitization on the browser side.
  • We've added a great date picker widget that really ensures that when users enter a date, you get it in the format you asked for.
  • The server-side PHP that deals wit the form submission has also been re-built and uses more up-to-date and built in PHP sanitization functions.
  • We've integrated a mail library to ensure email is properly formatted.
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