Tweaking the PAWS Beta

By: Medbh English

It's not a new dance move, and the steps aren't that complicated. We're using an iterative approach to design, which means we try things, get feedback, then repeat.


By: Medbh English

We're a couple of weeks in to beta testing a new version of PAWS. Put your feet up and pour some eggnog, because we're going to run this for a while.

Playing with PAWS

By: Medbh English

We're in the alpha phase of some design work in PAWS. Here's a look at where we started and where we think we're going.

News Article Improvements

By: Geoff Cotton

News articles are widely used on campus websites. Over the summer, we gave these templates a face-lift and how they look and some new features for how we deal with article lists.

A Step Forward in Form Building

By: Geoff Cotton

We re-built the form builder from scratch and incorporated some new features and fields that should make life easier.

The tools we use to build websites

By: Joel Farthing

An overview of Cascade and Limestone, two major tools our campus uses to deliver useful content through a consistent visual language

From Alpha to Beta to Live

By: Colin Skrapek

The university has a new homepage.

The importance of a map

By: Colin Skrapek

Designing a single webpage is one thing. But the real world of user experience is a complex tangle of digital and non-digital, mobile and laptop, app and website, online and in per...

From Alpha to Beta

By: Colin Skrapek

A new university homepage is coming. Before it arrives we want to let you spend some quality time with the new design.

The evolution of

By: Colin Skrapek existed from August 2nd to September 16th. It changed a lot during that period in response to user feedback. Here's a look at how it evolved.

Measuring user experience

By: Colin Skrapek

How do people feel about We're measuring user experience in real time and sharing that data for anyone to see.


By: Colin Skrapek

Learn about the public prototype being used to test design ideas for an upgraded homepage

Would you like fries with that?

By: Rob Blizzard

How do we distinguish between features that are required, desired, and delightful?

Testing our first prototype

By: Colin Skrapek

We worked quickly through our first design sprint and built a simple prototype to test a few assumptions with real users.

Sprinting through design

By: Colin Skrapek

We're working in design sprints for the homepage upgrade. And after only one week we already have our first prototype.

The purpose of the homepage is... ?

By: Colin Skrapek

Here's a weird question: What is the purpose of our homepage?

How the homepage is used

By: Robert Blizzard

What gets the most clicks on the current homepage and what does that data tell us?

Good design is a team effort

By: Colin Skrapek

Is it possible to design in a group without the evil perils of "design by committee"?

The terrifying idea of designing in public

By: Colin Skrapek

We’re designing the university homepage differently than we have before. Here’s a look at what we’ll be doing.

Upgrading the homepage

By: Colin Skrapek

Oh no, not again.