Measuring user experience

How do people feel about alpha.usask.ca? We're measuring user experience in real time and sharing that data for anyone to see.

As we work to upgrade the usask.ca homepage we want the real people who use that page (you) to keep us on the right track.

Visitors to alpha.usask.ca can submit feedback through a survey accessible from the website. We use this feedback to inform the next iteration of the design in an attempt to reduce frustration, meet basic expectations, and add delight. It's our goal to create a positive user experience.

The feedback we receive isn’t a secret. We want you to know what others are saying and how the design measures up based on that information.

That’s why we created web.usask.ca/data. There you can:

  • View how many people have submitted feedback for the current version of alpha.usask.ca
  • View what percentage of those people thought the current version of alpha.usask.ca was either frustrating, satisfactory or delightful
  • Compare those numbers with the previous version to see if the design has improved
  • Read the actual comments from users about what would improve their experience

We'll continue to add any other data that is relevant and informing design choices.

Visit web.usask.ca/data

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