News Article Improvements

News articles are widely used on campus websites. Over the summer, we gave these templates a face-lift and how they look and some new features for how we deal with article lists.


A design improvement for news.usask.ca


Over the summer we gave the main Usask news site a UI overhaul. Most of the changes are small layout changes and some minor design fixes. We've added some social media sharing and some design changes. We've added some social media meta tags to keep your content indexed properly when you share it.

We've now made these options and new styles available to all sites running the new templates !

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Article Lists

List pages now have more control over how they look.


Article lists have gotten some much needed features. We've added a few new layout styles to choose from. You can choose between a Standard layout that is similar to the previous layout. Articles are stacked with a large image on the left. The new main news site uses a 3 column layout. Each row has 3 articles, an image on top followed by date, title, author, and teaser. Or you can choose to use a simple list that displays the date, title, and teaser. 

New fields have been added. You can now choose to show teasers and their length, article title and article author.

Also, when editing an article, set it to be a ‘featured article’, then in your list, you can choose to show featured articles first. This will find the newest featured article and show it first in the list, then the other articles are listed by date.

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Embedded Article Feeds

New features for using an Article List inside a regular page.


When you use an article list as a ‘Feed Source’ in a regular page, you'll see some new options here as well.

We've added 4 layout options to choose from.

  • A standard option that is similar to the previous layout.
  • 3 column layout.
  • 4 column layout.
  • A simple list option. 

Choose the one that best fits the rest of your page.

We've also added that same options you have on the article list page. Show featured first, show date, show author, show teasers, and to condense the image.

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What does this mean for me and how do I use these ?

All of these features are available today for any site running the new templates! The site should be running the stable version of Limestone.

All your old articles should be working fine and you don't need to do anything to them. However, the published versions of these older articles will continue to look like the old layout until they are re-published.

To find out what version your site is running, check the Outputs tab of any page and look at HEAD-BASE. It should be set to _uofs-codebase:_internal/formats/head-base-stable

Some useful links:

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at web@usask.ca

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