We're a couple of weeks in to beta testing a new version of PAWS. Put your feet up and pour some eggnog, because we're going to run this for a while.

Right now in PAWS, we're doing what we did with the usask homepage a while back by running a beta version alongside the current one. It's a safe, unobtrusive way for us to test our PAWS user interface design work to date in the real world, without annoying or disrupting students, faculty and staff as they go about their business in the university portal.

Log in and you'll notice a message on the main feed inviting you to try it. Choose the "Let me try it" button, and you'll magically go to a new user interface. 

It looks a bit different. Some things are new and some have moved, but don't panic; you can easily port yourself back to the old and familiar with the click of a button on the blue feedback window at the bottom of the screen. Better yet, play around for a while, then tell us what you think using our quick, three question survey.

We've learned during previous beta projects to sit back and not make any rash moves. Feedback is rolling in (thank you!) and we plan to spend quite a bit of time gathering your comments, analyzing areas of common frustration and common delight, and then deciding how what you've told us might improve the new user inferface even more.

What have we learned so far, you ask? We're not going to get into nitty gritty details here yet about what you love and what you don't. So far, more of you love it than hate it and that makes us happy. There's room for improvement though, and we'd like to move some of you from the "I hate it" and "It's okay" camps, over to the "I love it!" camp. Here's what our feedback data looks like so far.

beta survey results

We'll be running the beta over the holidays and into the new year, so you still have lots of time to try it. And please, send us your feedback. It really helps!

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