Use Sections to create layouts

This image illustrates the basic building blocks of a Page and how they relate to each other.

Pages are structured as Sections of Content Blocks. Every Page starts with one Section, and every Section starts with one Content Block.

This image illustrates how sections with different layouts can be combined in a single page.

Each Section controls the layout and presentation of its Content Blocks. Use as many Sections as you need to create order, focus and flow.

Add Sections

Use the green Plus icon to add multiple Sections to a Page in Cascade
  • Click the green Plus icon to add a Section to your page

Remove Sections

Use the red Minus icon to remove that Section from a Page in Cascade
  • Click the red X or - icon to remove that Section from your page

Reorder Sections

Use the Up/Down icons to reorder Sections within a Page in Cascade
  • Click the Up/Down arrows to reorder Sections within your page