Sidebar vs. Topbar

Use a Sidebar when...

Your content is mostly textual. Sidebars create a narrower region for content. This makes continuous reading easier for users. Make this your go-to choice!

This page uses a Sidebar, as do most pages on this site.

Use a Topbar when...

Your content is mostly visual. Topbars allow content to span the full width of the page. This is great for large images, videos, maps and Jumbotrons.

On mobile

Sidebars and Topbars are visually indistinguishable on small mobile screens. Both appear as a dropown menu next to the page title.

Create a Sidebar or Topbar

Creating a Sidebar or Topbar in Cascade
  • Choose Sidebar or Topbar as the Sections navigation of your Page

Skip the first section

Tell your Sidebar or Topbar to skip the first section of your Page so you can leave that section as introductory content.

Create a section of introductory content that exists outside of your page's navigation:

  • Select Yes next to Insert navigation below first section