Most recent version: 1.2.0  Latest Stable

New Features:

  • Added support for new Embedded Profile lists. New options introduced Profile Lists as a feed source and able to show as Simple, Detailed or Table layout. Read More .
  • Added support for new Embedded Article lists. New options introduced Article Lists as a feed source and able to show as Standard, Brief List, 3-Column, 4-Column layout. COMING SOON.
  • Added features for Article list pages. New options on Article list pages are able to show Standard, 3-Column, Brief List. COMING SOON.
  • New an Improved Form Builder.
  • Re-Mapping UofS icons to Font Awesome icons.
  • Added support for PAWS channels using UofS branding.
  • Added PPT and ZIP icons to links.
  • Header Usask now shows full logo by default


Most recent version: 1.1.2 
New Features:
  • Improved spacing for elements. Read More
  • Color change for RSS icon. Read More
  • Added new grid classes to handle grid/list layout options for indexes. Read More
    .grid-panel, .grid-panel-body, .grid-panel-shadow
  • New CSS styles to handle new Jumbotron options - Font color and overlay opacity. Read More
  • Pages will display the full UofS crest and logo on desktop screens. Show only the crest on Tablets and mobile. Read More
  • Improved auto-insert of icons on links. Icons will not be inserted on links that wrap an image.
  • Added a fallback option for jQuery when the client is blocked from Google CDN, jQuery will load from Usask CDN.
  • Added option to display size of summary on feeds. Added 180 ( default ), 300 and FULL. Read More
  • Added options to support summary size on RSS feeds. Read More


New Features:

  • Added Font Awesome 4.4.0 icon set with default .fa class for easy integration. Read More
  • Deprecated .uofs-icon icon set. Read More
  • Reduced bottom margin on headings for better vertical spacing
  • Added dedicated spacing classes to prevent creating custom classes just to adjust margins and padding around an element. Read More