Document Types

All documents must be UPLOADED to the Cascade server before they may be POSTED to a page for download.

Common document types include (the file extension MUST accompany the filename):

  • Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Filename examples:

Proper Improper Reason for Improper Filename
report_2015_may.docx May 16, 2015, annual report. ( for the president).docx Contains commas, spaces, period, parentheses, too long
instructor_training_1.pdf Training Manual for Instructors, June.12.2015 update version 1.pdf Contains comma, spaces, periods, too long
final_finance_bio.xlsx Final Financial Report for Biology Club 2014-2015 , summer version Contains spaces, comma, no file extension

Step 1: Upload a Document

Upload a document means getting the document from your computer to your documents folder in Cascade. The Document wizard allows you to upload a file and add it to the documents folder in Cascade.

1. From the New menu select Document.

Choose New> Document

2. Upload your file by clicking the Choose File (or Browse) button and search for the document on your computer (much like browsing for sending an attachment in an email).

Choose File

3. Click Submit.

Step 2: Post a Document

Post a document - creating a hyperlink for people to download the document

In order to post a document it needs to be in Cascade. If the document doesn't already exist in Cascade you'll need to upload it first.

1. Go to the page on which you want to post the document

2. Click the Edit tab

3. Select the word (or words) you wish to convert to a hyperlink (you can add the content/text at this point if need be). Be sure to use words that make sense to your site visitors. Highlight the text with your mouse.

Highlight Text

4. While the text is highlighted, click the Insert/edit link icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Insert Link

5. Choose the radio button for Internal (link) and browse using the page icon  Page Icon

6. Browse and select the desired document (usually located in the documents folder)

7. Click Confirm

Confirm Document

8. Click Insert

Insert Document

9. Click the Submit button.


The document is now linked. You must publish both the page, and the document to Cascade.

Deleting Documents

(These steps apply to all filetypes within Cascade)

1. Mouse over the item from the left side menu list and an arrowhead will appear Contextual Menu
2. Right click on the arrowhead and choose Delete

3. Follow the onscreen prompts. You will want to re-publish the site to ensure the document has been deleted on the server as well.

NOTE: If you are updating a document, delete the original document, then upload the new one (if it has the SAME filename as the deleted document, you don't have to create a new hyperlink to that file).

You may also move documents from one location to another using drag and drop , from the left side menu. Follow the onscreen prompts and be sure to re-publish the entire site when the move is complete.