How to use Article Lists

Use Article Lists to:

  • Create yearly or monthly Article archives
  • Display Articles on a common topic
  • Display Articles by a common author
  • Display Articles from a common folder

As a standalone page

Every Article List is its own page by default. You can choose to include it or exclude it from your Navigation Bar just like any other Page. Even if you exclude it from your Navigation Bar you can still link to it from within your content.

Within another Page

Article Lists can be displayed as a feed of articles within a regular Page. This is great for when you want a news feed on a Page, or when you just want to append some related content to a Page.

Create an Article List

  1. Select  Add Content > Specialty pages > Article List from the top menu in Cascade
  2. Choose the Placement Folder where you want your page to be saved
  3. Enter a Title
  4. Configure which Articles you want to list
  5. Submit
  6. Publish the Article List

Configure which Articles to list

There are lots of ways to filter Articles in your list so that you only display the ones you want. Any of the options below can be mixed to filter your list as specifically as you need.

Option Description
From Show Articles that were published after a specified date.
To Show Articles that were published before a specified date. Use a combination of From and To to specify a date range such as a year or a month.
Include articles from Show Articles that share the same parent folder as your Article List, or show articles from anywhere in your site.
Limit to Keywords Show Articles that share any of the comma-separated Keywords you specify. Entering "chemistry, research, synchrotron" will still display Articles that are only tagged with the Keyword "research" even if they aren't tagged with "chemistry".
Exclude Keywords Exclude Articles that share any of the comma-separated Keywords you specify.
Limit to Authors Show Articles that share any of the comma-separated Authors you specify.
Exclude Authors Exclude Articles that share any of the comma-separated Authors you specify.

Configure list display options

Your list index page is used as a landing page for your articles. You have some options to show certain fields and how they are diaplyed.

Option Description
  • Standard
    Image on the left 1/3 width. Content on the right.
    View Example
  • 3-Column
    Image on top of the content. Each article is 1/3 width.
    View Example
  • Brief List
    No image. Full width content.
    View Example
Show Featured Setting this to YES will search your list of articles and show the most recent featured article first. The 3-Column Style also has a different layout for the featured article making it more pronounced.
Condense Image Thumbnails This option, when set to Yes, will reduce the height of the primary article image. The effect is a more consistant, uniform and compact look for the images in your list.
Show Teasers This option will take any text in the article's Sumarry field and display it in the list.
Length of Teaser You can decide to show only 180 characters, 300 characters or all the content. ( Only visible when Show Teasers is set to Yes )
Show Article Date This option will add the article date.
Show Author This option shows the author field in the list.