Notification Settings

The Moderator

The form moderator is the person who will be notified everytime a user submits the form. 

Check 'Send Moderator Email. Complete the fields to indicate the emaill address to send to, the name of the Moderator and the subject line of the email.

Email Sender Settings - The email address and name you indicate here will be show as the sender of the notification. It will apply to both Moderator and Submitter email notifications.

The Submitter

The submitter settings will handle what the submitter will recieve. Specify the subject line, any message you would like to sned and by checking Include Form Data, the user will also receive a summary of the data they provided.

Form Content

Form Instructions

Include any instructions to the user in the Form Instructions field. This is one of the fields on the form that contains the text editor. Images, tables , links may be added in this area.

Form Layout

Form layout options are:

  • 1-Column
    All fields are lined up in 1 column.
  • 2-Column
    Fields will be layed out in 2 columns. They will flow like we read; left to right, top to bottom.
  • 3-Column
    Fields will be layed out in 3 columns. They will flow like we read; left to right, top to bottom.
    NOTE: Use caution. This setting should be used for small forms.
  • Narrow
    This layout shows fields in 1-column but the width is restricted to 80% and centred on the page.
  • Horizontal
    This layout style changes the way each fields label is set to the left of it s respective input.

Horizontal Layout

Field Wrapper

This allows you to separate your form fields by wrapping them in a light box, a horizontal line bewtween fields or nothing.

Form Fields

Form items (inputs for users) include field types, such as:

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkbox
  • etc.

Form items may contain labels. Labels may be used to provide the user with information on what is required in a field on the form

Options for items include required field (the user may not submit until the field is completed), help text, placeholder text

Submission Settings

Form submission button options (change text and confirmation message)

Working with Forms

  1. TO create a form, PLAN your form with required inputs
  2. Choose Add Content >Specialty Page > FormV2  from the top green bar menu
  3. Complete the form sections as required 
  4. Add more form items using the + sign. These may appear in any order on the form.
  5. Mouse over the ? beside various items to reveal the help text that describes that item field.

A sample DropDown Item and set up:

A sample form