How to use Profile Lists

Use Profile Lists to:

  • Create a directory of people and/or departments/offices
  • Act as a contact page when you have many points of contact

As a standalone page

Every Profile List is its own page by default. You can choose to include it or exclude it from your Navigation Bar just like any other Page. Even if you exclude it from your Navigation Bar you can still link to it from within your content.

Within another Page

Profile Lists can be displayed as a feed of profiles within a regular Page. This is great for when you want a list of personal of locations on a page that relate to the content.

Create a Profile List

  1. Select  Add Content > Specialty pages > Profile List from the top menu in Cascade
  2. Choose the Placement Folder where you want your page to be saved.
  3. Enter a Title.
  4. Configure which Profiles you want to list.
  5. Submit.

Specify which Profiles to list

Any of the options below can be mixed to filter your list as specifically as you need.

Option Description
Include profiles from
  • This Folder Only - Show Profiles that share the same parent folder as your Profile List
  • Anywhere in the Site - Show Profiles from anywhere in your site.
  • Specify - You can hand-pick which Profiles are included in your list.
  • Job Title - Show Profiles that match a selected Job Title from anywhere in your site.
Limit to Keywords Show Profiles that share any of the comma-separated Keywords you specify. Entering "chemistry, research, synchrotron" will still display Profiles that are only tagged with the Keyword "research" even if they aren't tagged with "chemistry".
Exclude Keywords Exclude Profiles that share any of the comma-separated Keywords you specify.